Experts? Apparently Larry Fitzgerald is Worse than Backups

I took part in a fantasy draft on Labor Day, and after getting my rankings to look respectable in a seventeen-round draft, despite me drafting ninth, I was still given a C+ by the bright people known as Yahoo! Sports. If you thought that was funny, wait till you see what the so-called "experts" said about me!

"Was Larry Fitzgerald Worth it at Pick No. 69?"

It is if you are dumb enough to believe that Tavon Austin was incredible to be drafted as the 74th pick, Duke Johnson as the 73rd pick, Kelvin Benjamin as the 45th pick, and John Brown as the 44th pick.

Brown must be brought up as Yahoo! Sports projects his season to be one point worse than Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, rates him better than Fitzgerald but worse than Michael Floyd.


Let me get this straight. Two players that cannot avidly or productively catch like Fitzgerald are either near his level or better, and now Fitzgerald stinks?

Can't players just age gracefully? If so, can we not create projections based on age these days?

It seems like Yahoo! and are going in those routes as Brown has been in concussion protocol in recent time and suffered setbacks like headaches, making him even less available until the fourth preseason game. Most notably, Michael Floyd has been third in targets over the past two years, and with Fitzgerald coming off a 109-pass season with Carson Palmer, it does not make sense to make Floyd's point total better when his last and only 1000-yard season was three years ago.

All we are learning every year is that fantasy "experts" are jerks that put no constructive use of their time toward mathematically sensible projections, and no qualifications are needed while other jobs in need of expertise do. You are not really qualified when you are a "Random Joe" like Michael Fabiano, former screenwriter like Matthew Berry, or the former author of The Fast and the Furriest, Andy Behrens.

Frankly, the best way for you to win at fantasy is to never listen to these people because they are as unqualified as you. After all, if you cannot ask yourself questions to get great answers, what great answers will you get from them when the chances are that they have none.